BCAN Self Care Week Is Here!


“Self-Care” is something that folks are talking a lot about these days. But self-care is more than a justification to take a much-needed bubble bath after a long day at work. Coined by radical womanist and writer Audre Lorde her 1988, stating “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation…”. But in the entrepreneurship community, self-care is too often last on the list for many, even though it is an essential practice for one’s personal and professional growth.

We also recognize strong self-care practices are key, especially to your success and longevity as an entrepreneur. Join us as we host our first ever BCAN Self Care Week. Whether it's getting your finances in order, using food to fuel your days, or finding ways to stay grounded. BCAN wants to equip Baltimore’s creative entrepreneurs with the physical and mental tools they need to attain and sustain success!

Featuring amazing local experts and mavericks including Bobby HarrisKrystal Mack, and Nicoletta De La Brown.

Click here to attend!