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Whitney Capps | Associate at Clearspace, LLC

Whitney Capps is a leadership and team effectiveness coach with a passion for empowering clients to perform at their best. As part of the team at ClearSpace, LLC, a Chicago-based coaching and consulting coaching firm, she helps make it possible for organizations to empower their leaders to lead and their teams to achieve. ClearSpace brings their experience and expertise to clients’ business needs within the disciplines of leadership development and organizational transformation.

Whitney’s background in facilitation, program development and coaching began working with young people, supporting a college-going and career-focused culture. She has experience in a range of coaching techniques and tools, including the Kolbe Index™, and is skilled in a variety of coaching and adult development frameworks. This combination along with Whitney’s own leadership experience managing highly selective development programs at two universities has also equipped her to work with marginalized populations;

Whitney brings a competency in cultural awareness and sensitivity. In the true spirit of partnership, Whitney can be counted on to challenge clients to be their best. Her style is conversational and inquisitive. She knows her clients are fully equipped to take on the challenges ahead; it’s her role to provide the space to allow it to happen. Her naturally curious, open style creates quick connections with individual clients and teams. Whitney strives to create opportunities for personal observation and reflection with her clients.